Sage spa

We explain how a spa works

Many people retract on spa’s adoption, because of the fact that they didn’t know how to use it. However, it is not so difficult than they are thinking. It just depends of some points.

How to use a new spa

It is proved that spa procure a feeling of well-being, thanks to the air/water massage, caused by a heating and water filtration system. However, it is still important to verify the isolation of the spa, in order to avoid any leaks, which may provoke mold and heat loss. Now, before spa’s first using, it is important to refer and familiarize to the manual which accompanies him, in order to master the correct gesture to apply. After that, the spa’s filling can begin. Following the filling, the spa must be heat now, with a temperature varying between 35 and 37°C, referring to the control panel. The rest consists to program the spa, according to the frequency and the duration of use.

The must to know about using spa

Since his first apparition, spa has known a great evolution, and there are many different types nowadays. If, originally, spa offers a global massage, today it allows to have a massage on specific places. With his water temperature which is always constant, even if mounted outdoor, spa is perfectly usable all year long. But, it is a priority to define the best heating way to use, and it is important to remember that a cheap heating to purchase will often be more expensive to use. Excepted little children and pregnant women, everybody is able to use spa and receive his benefits. For those which decided to not use their spa during winter, it is good to know that the fact of covering him, reduces the risk of water contamination.

After covering the spa, it is also helpful to turn him into wintering active mode. It just needs to fill the spa with proper water to the three quarters. It is important to verify pipes and piping during winter, in order to avoid their freeze.